C&I has an exclusive first look at Sir Canyon’s new music video for “Angeleno Daydream,” off the band’s upcoming LP Ventura Skies, available March 2.

Imagine moving in slow-motion, watching the clouds slowly float away while you listen to your favorite laid-back track — overall, a feeling of perfect contentment. That’s the tranquil vibe conjured by the new music video for the Sir Canyon single “Angeleno Daydream.”

Leading the group of musicians is L.A.-based singer-songwriter Noah Lamberth, who previously played pedal steel for Katy Perry and shared stages with Willie Nelson, Dierks Bentley, and Brad Paisley in his early 2000s band, Hank Floyd.

Lamberth’s new music with Sir Canyon conjures the California sound, past and present — part country-, pop-, and folk-inflected SoCal Americana, part western film score.

With opening notes that seem to quote the evocative Twin Peaks theme but transplant it into Golden State sunshine, the video — fronted by Lamberth’s modern reverb voice and backed with Sir Canyon’s classic country sounds of a pedal steel and melodic acoustic strums — follows Lamberth in a contemplative state through the city of Los Angeles.

In keeping with the track’s hazy nature, he sees versions of himself in every corner while singing about heartbreak and getting lost in a California state of mind.

“Angeleno Daydream” comes from Sir Canyon’s March 2 release, Ventura Skies, an LP that Lamberth explains was fueled by a romantic breakup and the loss of his father to cancer.

“The best way to deal with the pain is to verbalize it. But for me, that comes out in song,” Lamberth says. “It’s kind of like therapy. The songs started pouring out of me.”

Experience the cinematic nature of Sir Canyon’s meditative country-pop track “Angeleno Daydream” — watch it below.

For more information on Sir Canyon, the Ventura Skies LP, and their upcoming tour dates, visit their website.