Grand Canyon National Park (Photo by John Kees/Wikimedia Commons)

There are four no-fee days this year at all National Park Service sites.

Richly deserving of the “America’s Best Idea” characterization, our 400-plus National Park sites inspire and inform millions of visitors every year. They’re the best places to see the untouched beauty of nature and to learn about the plants, animals, and geological wonders of the United States.

The majority of these parks are totally free to enter whenever they’re open (find your nearest fee-free park here). But — with exceptions for military, volunteers, and other select groups — many of the best-known and most in-demand parks require some sort of entry fee. So, to save a little scratch, you might think about planning travel around the four days in 2018 during which fees at all parks will be waived.

That’s right, you can get in free at any National Park on the following days:

• Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday on January 15

• April 21, the first day of National Park Week

• September 22, National Public Lands Day

• November 11, Veterans Day

Crater Lake National Park (Photo by Epmatsw/Wikimedia Commons)

Search here to find one of the parks that normally require entry fees but will be free on these four occasions. They include Texas’ Big Bend, Oregon’s Crater Lake, New Mexico’s Carlsbad Caverns, Montana’s Yellowstone, and Arizona’s Grand Canyon (which recently celebrated its 110th anniversary as a national monument).

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