Country singer Ned LeDoux gives C&I readers an exclusive first listen to “Some People Do,” off of his upcoming album, Sagebrush, out November 3.

Chris LeDoux’s son Ned LeDoux is poised to release his debut album, Sagebrush. Having played the drums in Chris LeDoux’s band, Western Underground, since 1998, Ned carried on with the band after his father’s death from cancer in 2005. When the band heard Ned sing, he was encouraged to trade in the drum kit for a guitar and a mic and step front and center to sing.

Now, he’s coming out — on November 3 — with a 12-track album filled with classic country songs with a rock ’n’ roll twist. The record both conjures the father and establishes the son in his own right.

“I’m so proud of this record,” LeDoux says. “It really depicts my lifestyle and background: a mix of ranchin’, rodeo, travel, cowboys, and the true love for family and carrying on tradition. There’s only a certain place where sagebrush grows: out West. That’s where I was born and raised. The smell of sage after a spring rain — nothin’ better! So the title for this record came easy. Perfect fit.”

Luckily, fans won’t have to wait till November to hear a new track from the highly anticipated album. C&I has a first listen to “Some People Do,” a guitar-driven song about small-town America.

“‘Some People Do’ is a song I wrote about growing up out West. We hear it all the time about living in the middle of nowhere, but I guess there is just something about living in the middle of isolation, and away from civilization, that might not be for everyone ... but ‘Some People Do,’ LeDoux says.

Along with several original songs written by LeDoux, the album also features a remake of the classic Chris LeDoux track “This Cowboy Hat,” featuring country star Chase Rice. Be sure to preorder the album today.

Listen to Ned LeDoux’s hot new track “Some People Do.”

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