Malouf on the Plaza is located on the corner of the historic Santa Fe Plaza, a bustling center of commerce long before the 1600s with influences from Spain, France, and many Native American tribes.

“We consider it a privilege to continue the 400-year heritage of commerce in this historical location,” owner Scott Malouf says. “We proudly represent the most reputable and leading artists in Santa Fe and throughout the Southwest. We have more than 50 award winning artists representing many Native American cultures. Our goal is to share our genuine passion and knowledge for all things Santa Fe while making people feel welcome!"

Malouf on the Plaza is a three-part act: jewelry, weavings, and fashion. Native American jewelry is enjoying a renaissance as people realize that where and how jewelry is made is as important as how it looks. Malouf on the Plaza works directly with both Native American and Southwestern contemporary jewelry artists, as well as showcasing authentic vintage collections.

The store secures rare Navajo rugs and weavings in excellent condition, while maintaining relationships with retiring collectors, Native American families, and traders from various reservations. In addition, Malouf purchases from weaving families who have continued for many generations to create their traditional designs.

If you are seeking a Navajo-inspired rug at a lower price point, Malouf on the Plaza commissions the Zapotec Indians in Central Mexico to do just that. Woven to the highest of standards, these collections give you size, color, and price options. Malouf on the Plaza also offers Navajo-inspired designs in a luxurious wool pile hand woven from Nepal and India.

The Malouf family has a 90-year retail history, and their stores are recognized nationally within the industry. More importantly, have been visited by thousands of customers who enjoy the personal approach to luxury shopping. With a fourth generation in place, their mix has never looked more spirited! Their apparel area features the very best of Italian and American Contemporary designers. Malouf on the Plaza is pleased to support sustainable women's co-ops that directly impact families in all parts of the world. Currently there are five such groups making unique items for Malouf on the Plaza.

The store also carries women's shoes and accessories, in addition to men's wear, edited from their larger contemporary apparel store, Drest by Scott Malouf, located in Lubbock, Texas.

For Karen and Scott Malouf, to live and thrive in Santa Fe was their dream since 1981, when Scott proposed to Karen on a snow-covered road in New Mexico. The dream was finally realized in November 2013, when they opened on the Plaza.

"More than anything,” Scott says, “we want you to feel as we do, and enjoy the new and old in our favorite city!"

Malouf on the Plaza, 61 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87501, 505.983.9241,