Photo: J Ryan/ Courtesy The Press House

Singer-songwriter Crystal Bowersox gives C&I a first look at her music video for “Until Then,” from her upcoming live album, Alive.

Ohio native Crystal Bowersox has always been in tune with her musical talents, latching onto her guitar for support in a chaotic world. After moving to Chicago as a teenager and taking on odd jobs, Bowersox would spend her free time drawing crowds busking on underground subway platforms and performing on open-mic night at a variety of venues.

Taking a chance, Bowersox auditioned for the ninth season of American Idol, where her innate talent was revealed through her memorable performances. Her renditions of songs like “Natural Woman” and “Up to the Mountain” would later guide her to the finish line, earning her the runner-up position.

Since then, Bowersox has stayed true to her refreshingly free-spirited style, releasing songs and albums with honest, profound lyrics and using her star power to become an advocate and spread awareness for type 1 diabetes.

Her debut album, Farmer’s Daughter, was gritty and raw with pain, revealing dark truths about the mundane points in her life, while her second album All That for This, was a light at the end of a tunnel, alternating between pain and acceptance.

Now, the singer is on the verge of releasing her highly anticipated live album, cleverly titled Alive. Set to be released on June 16, the album was recorded at the Kitchen Sink Studio in Santa Fe and comprises songs that represent where the artist is in her life right now: a place of happiness, fulfillment, and stability for her and her 8-year-old son, Tony.

Bowersox has given C&I a first look at the upcoming album with a video for “Until Then,” a bluesy country-folk song drawing on the themes of internal strength and showcasing Bowersox’s mettlesome voice.

“Moral of this story — if you love ’em, you let ’em go. And if they don’t come back and realize how amazing you are, well, then, they’re stupid. Half joking, but in all seriousness, ‘Until Then’ is a song about undying, limitless, yet sadly, one-sided love,” Bowersox says.

And it’s a promising start of what is sure to be a firecracker of a live album.

For more info on Bowersox’s new album, Alive, and her upcoming tour dates, visit her website.