Courtesy: Tim Yanke
Courtesy: Tim Yanke

Colorful painter Tim Yanke shares his music playlist with C&I.

Why do painter Tim Yanke’s paintings rock the canvas? In part because the Detroit-native/adopted-son-of-the-Southwest is rocking out when he’s painting them.

“It’s an innate characteristic of us to want to feel, move, and react to music,” Yanke says. “Mix that with an abundance of paint, canvas, sunlight, and incense and I am on my way. I approach the painting with no particular course of action, and a communion engages between God, me, and the canvas. It’s pretty cool and an awesome way to make a living. I simply take dictation and transfer it to the painting. I do not choose the path; the path has chosen me.

We enjoyed doing our feature interview with Yanke so much and got so intrigued by his musical muse that we asked him for a playlist.

“As you can see by my list below, I am all over the map with styles and genres. Life is too short to not venture into the variety of music that is being composed.”

Here’s what we caught Yanke listening to recently. “Give a listen,” says the man in the Rocketbuster boots with a paintbrush in his hand. “Enjoy!”

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