Made for the aficionado by an aficionado, this commemorative book and journal allows you to document the smoking occasions of your favorite cigars and catalog their bands.

Cigars conjure images of dark wood-paneled dens appointed with over-stuffed leather chairs, game trophies, and gentlemen holding high-ball glasses of fine aged whiskey. Perhaps they’re resting their handcrafted caiman Luccheses on tufted ottomans. There’s an element of legacy. In a word: timeless.

Barrett Kincheloe channels that timelessness into the form of an heirloom with Cigar Legend, a book that focuses on the occasion of smoking, not just the cigar, and charts the aficionado’s journey.

For Kincheloe, that journey began with his father. “My dad would smoke inside,” Kincheloe says. “He would crack the window behind him, but it really didn’t do anything. Smoke still got inside. I remember the smell, and it was amazing. Even as a little kid, I loved the smell.” So when deciding to take the entrepreneurial path as an adult, he became inspired by his lifelong love of cigars. His resulting book and journal begins by asking you to reminisce on the genesis of your cigar affection, your earliest cigar memories, and how your interest has since progressed. With Cigar Legend, you can track the occasions and locations of smoking your favorite cigars, as well as collect the bands from those most meaningful. “I’m a big cigar guy. So, naturally, I like to save my cigar bands and look at them occasionally,” Kincheloe says. “[This] book allows you to talk about your cigar life, log cigar band entries, and store a collection of over 415 cigar bands.”

Designed to be a lifelong keepsake, it’s also bound in Cromwell bonded leather and features original illustrations by Texas artist Spencer Smith. You can even have your Cigar Legend log custom-inscribed with gold foil stampwork, so that your name will forever grace its cover (book $99.99, engraving $19.98). 




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