Check out this trailer for a short film about a California horseback outfitting company that has thrived in the wake of tragedy.

Graham Goodfield’s boss and hero was killed in a 2005 mountain landslide. But rather than let Tony Alvis’ horseback adventure outfitting company be wiped out by the catastrophe, Goodfield stepped into some mighty big boots to keep his mentor’s legacy and business alive.

“Our main purpose with Los Padres Outfitters is to get packed into the mountains and see a lot of this country that people otherwise would never get an opportunity to see,” Goodfield says in the film. “You can get anybody in this sort of setting and then all of a sudden, everyone’s equal. It’s fun to bring people out and get them out of their element and really discover what they’re all about.”

UPDATE: The full film is available for viewing here.

Photography: Jesse Lenz/Courtesy Backbone Media

Next week, you can see what Goodfield and Los Padres Outfitters are all about when YETI Coolers releases the next online video in its ongoing series dedicated to outdoors adventurers of all kinds. For an idea of what you’re in for, here’s a link to another in the series, YETI Presents: Shut Up and Paddle, about the grueling Texas Water Safari canoe race.

The Kellen Keene-directed YETI Presents: Los Padres is a short film (clocking in under 6 minutes) about the California horseback outfitting business. We’ll have the full version for you on our website Wednesday morning, along with our own interview with Goodfield. Till then, watch the teaser above for a taste of what’s in store.

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